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MTY Piano Olympics underway!

Encouraging students to implement a structured, regular practice routine, MTY CEO and Founder Katherine Day has created a technical work olypmic event beginning this week.

This is will run from between 10 - 30 weeks depending on the number of exercises in each competing group. Students are grouped in grades and have to prepare 1 technical item a week from the AMEB technical workbook for their level. They are marked against the criteria for each exercise, both hands separately and together. Each exercise is marked out of 300: 100 for left, 100 for right, 100 for together (an average of LH and RH marks if not applicable). A gold medal is only awarded if a student receives 300 points for the exercise.

Leaderboards will be published on this blog every week.

So get practising! Most levels are preparing exercise A this week. Grades 4s must prepare 4.1 (E Major) over 4 octaves, hands separately and together.

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MTY Piano Olympics underway

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