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Piano Lessons

One on One Piano lessons conducted in studio or online.

Music To You caters to students across all ages, from Beginner to Level 3/Advanced

Level comparisons:

Beginner --> AMEB 0 to P-Plate Book 3
Level 1 --> AMEB Prelim to Grade 4
Level 2 --> AMEB Grade 5 to Grade 8
Level 3 --> AMEB Diploma to PhD/Professional

Contact us below to arrange a free consultation lesson where we can see what will be the best fit for you.

Tutors are:
Katherine Day - Sydney, Canberra, and Online
Sophie Genn - Canberra
Felix Gwizdek - Melbourne and Online

Piano Lessons

It is a condition of joining any series of piano lessons that the student adopt the practice policy and study regime as specified by Music To You.

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