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PLG Music - Paul Ghica

Music To You has developed a focussed programme of study to meet the needs of ambitious students and their families looking for a competitive edge in preparing for exams, selective high school auditions, and university placement.

The first steps on this learning journey begin with aural training and theory classes.

Aural Test Videos

Music To You recommends students progress through its aural training videos from Preliminary to Grade 8. 

The first 3 videos are led by cello student Luke Shiell and pianist Katherine Day, and are vital for students practising for their Preliminary to Grade 2 practical exams.

From Grade 3 to Grade 8, Opera Australia’s  Brad Cooper and pianist Katherine Day take students through the requirements for each level, coupled with best techniques for producing a clear, confident singing tone. 

These videos are best suited for students preparing Grade 3 to Grade 8 practical exams, selective high school auditions and university auditions.

Once students have completed these videos, Music To You recommends a face to face lesson with Brad Cooper to round out their preparations.

Theory Videos

There are three written syllabuses for study with the AMEB: Music Craft, Musicianship, and Theory.

Any of these can be studied in preprartion for exams and auditions, but central to these three courses is four part harmony study. 

Four part harmony involves a serious, prolonged course of study and should not be cram-learned into a few months prior to assessment. 

Our videos take students through the fundamentals of four-part harmony, from grade 1 to grade 6.

Music To You recommends students enrol in classes to supplement their four-part harmony study. 

Harmony needs to be learned in a steady, sequential, sustained curve - students cannot expect to jump in at grade 4 without thorough study of lower grades.

Music To You advocates learning Music Craft as its content is best connected to the practice of aural training and practical studies. 

Classes are held online throughout the week . 

Musicianship and Theory can be studied in individual sessions.

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Book Lesson

If you are ready to book lessons, take a look at the packages below.

If you are not sure, just click the Contact Us button and we can work with you to find the best cource of action for you to succeed in your music future.

Music Craft / Theory / Musicianship

Music Craft / Theory / Musicianship

Music Craft / Theory / Musicianship for Preliminary to Grade 6

Aural Lessons

Aural Lessons

Learn correct vocal techniques for full sound.
Properly prepare for AMEB practical exams, selective high school auditions, and university entrance exams.

Piano Accompaniment

Piano Accompaniment

Piano Accompaniment for exams / auditions / competitions

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